I hope you are not sick yet of seeing this double wedding ring quilt.

It will be a marathon with this one, I am in the attempt to try and finish this soon. So,  I made it as my January UFO finish, just to keep me accountable to finish it.

I am doing a UFO challenge with APQchallenge this year so, let’s hope this is a great start.

Free Motion Quilting Double Wedding Ring Quilt

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 double wedding ring


Having a due date does keep the motivation going.


EVEN when I ran out of ‘my favourite Superior thread’ 

Now I am using my second favourite – ‘Aurifil Natural’ 

They are not exactly the same colour, but I am all okay with it being simply white. 

In fact, now that I looked back at my double wedding ring quilt, I realised I used two different white for the background!

It was a long process getting it pieced that I lost and finished the first white background, and I went with what I have.

It must have been choosing in the dark or not such great lighting because now that I have good lighting, they are really different actually. ERK.

Nonetheless, that won’t that let me down,


Forget perfection, it is still beautiful as is.

Currently, I am past midpoint with probably another 15 more rings to finish up quilting. Then, it is so ready for binding!

Can’t wait for that.

I am going to be preparing bias tape binding for that as they are scallops.

Anyway, I will update again soon. Hopefully, I get to meet my goal to finish it up this January, if not at least early February.

By the way, I took a profile photo while my new sewing room is half-done, and I have this double wedding ring quilt on the machine. (actually the quilt was adjusted to be flat and beautiful there – usually when the actual quilting is being done, the quilt is pretty much all squishy and rumbled up on the table)

 Double Wedding Ring Quilt sewing Corner

I’ll take you to tour my new sewing space as soon as it is ready soon okay? I still need a place to organize scraps and WIPs and an ironing station.


Now it’s your turn, what are you working on this week?

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