I haven’t mentioned that I am a flea market lover!
I love garage sales, I love Trash and Treasures and I 2nd hand love book sale!

I find them very amusing. I find them interesting and I love the feeling that you might get something very special at a real bargain.

I found this magazine a while back at one of those “fill in a box of books for $10”. Out of thousands of books and magazines there, I found this!

It a quilt magazine dated 1985. I was born on that year.

It has a lovely poem inside about quilting…

Another vintage one. This one is dated 1990. Look at that granny squares. I wish to do one soon… a modern one with modern fabrics..

I adore this quilt. It is so elegant and look so exclusive.

In these magazines, they also have patterns to trace. I love it.

Well, I’ll be sure to find some more of this next time I am treasure hunting.

It would be one of my best reference too!

Till then,

Have great fun blogging, bog hopping, quilting and whatever you love to do.. 🙂

Amira Ameruddin

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