I recently got some fun new things that I tried that worked so well that I had to share. These may not be quilting tools, but we can absolutely use them for our quilting routine!

In this post, I’ll share some fun non quilting tools that will help you to spray starch faster, organise fat quarters and clean your machine.

Electric Spray Bottle for Starching

Electric Spray Bottle is a game changer when it comes to spraying starch! I have just found out about this electric spray bottle and went ahead and got a similar one!

I have been loving making homemade starch and starching my fabrics before using them. But I have to say, I don’t religiously do it for all of my projects. 

Sometime, I just skipped it because I simply wanted to start the project. 



Previously I used the little white pump which was very effective in spraying evenly but I have to manually pump out the starch every few seconds. It was quiet and exercise. 

Now this electric sprayer though, is automatic and I just need to click it once and it sprays evenly and I can coat my fabrics faster without hurting my fingers!

So, I highly recommend it. And if you’ve never tried starching – give it a go because it helps in getting more accurate, easier piecing and crispy blocks at the end will be worth it!


Machine Cleaning Brush

This brush with the rounded silicone head picks up a lot of dust when you twirl around in your bobbin case!

I hate the bristle brush I previously used because the dust is so hard to be removed from the head of the brush. These are different, because there are made from silicone, the dust can be brushed against each other and almost all the dust is off the brush and you can go ahead and poke it back into the tight space in the bobbin case to pick up more dust bunnies.


You get a lot with this set and you don’t even need to clean them but they are definitely reusable. This would make great gifts for other Quilty friends too. 

You can watch a speedy video of me cleaning my bobbin case with the brush below:


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Stackable Clear Storage for Fat Quarters

I have been seeing these beautiful clear acrylic storage organizer filled with colourful fat quarters on Instagram. They are available from Target, but I have not yet got a similar one from my local area. 

They are perfect as they can be stacked and the size is deep enough for folded fat quarters. Makes it easy to see everything and pick it up straight to the cutting table. 

If you have a Target nearby, you can find them there or you can grab this one from Amazon and this one has a handle too. I think the handle is perfect for pulling it out easily from the cabinet.

And they are stackable – which means you can save more room and use up vertical spaces. 


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Well, I guess that is it for the fun find this time. I love it when we can find tools that are not meant for quilting but use it in a fun way to help we quilt more efficiently and makes thing easier. 

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  1. Thank You for the idea with starching using electric sprayer. I think I will try your recipe and the sprayer to see how I like it. I have been using spray starch just like Kimberly that’s where I picked that idea up. I also use Liquid starch in a pan but I don’t like that way very much. But if I have a lot to starch it does save you time. I will try this method. Thank You Barb😊♥️

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