Welcome to another “Three of 3 on A Tuesday”. I will have THREE things or links of 3 topics for you to visit/read on Tuesday to either showcase tutorials, inspirations, random daily thoughts or it could be any fabric/notion sales running that particular week. So for today, here are the THREE of 3 things:

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3 FREE Layer Cakes Pattern

I love layer cakes, those 10″ square stacks are just perfect for lots of different projects and big enough to make a reasonable size quilts when paired with a background fabric. I love that we can create mini bundle stacks too if you fold them!

I am always in the look out for great patterns that I can whip up when I want to use up my stash of layer cakes. And I’ve found some new ones and an oldie that I’ve been wanting to make. 

  1. This pattern is definitely going on my bucket list! I just love the chevron look and can’t wait to use my Stripology Ruler to cut out easily. 
  2. Plus pattern is always a great idea. Especially one made easy with few slashes into the layer cakes!
  3. Big Block with a whole layer cake? Check this one out. You just have to make one big block for the quilt.

Don’t forget to pin this list for future reference!

free and easy layer cake quilt pattern not to be missed!


3 things Layer Cake related

  1. Working with Solid Layer Cake is a great way to save time too when paired with the printed layer cake. Check out the basic Solid Layer Cake on SALE HERE>
  2. There’s a 40-70% off Layer Cake for Mother’s Day HERE> Won’t last long, but check it out while it lasted. 
  3. This bundle. I absolutely love the book and the ruler, so many good patterns in this one. I am already ready to cut one up with this bundle of fabrics!

layer cake pattern book


3 things I’m grateful for this week:

While there are tons of things to be grateful for, I want to mention these three for the week cause it is always nice to simply take the time and feel the grateful feeling. 

  1. Comment from readers like Peg & Mary from my last Tuesday Post HERE>. I truly appreciate the time that you take to leave a comment.
  2. Receiving some happy mails! I got my yardage to finish off my Sewcialites Quilt II and a couple of new things like these new 4″ foundation papers which are perfect for scraps!! yeay..
  3. Being a mother. Mother’s Day reminds me of how grateful I am to be one and to have a loving one who has sacrificed lots of her time and energy to raise us all. And I think it’s not too late to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day too!

What are you grateful for today?

Comment below and let me know!

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