.Welcome to another “Three of 3 on A Tuesday”. I will have THREE things or links of 3 topics for you to visit/read on Tuesday to either showcase tutorials, inspirations, random daily thoughts or it could be any fabric/notion sales running that particular week. So for today, here are the THREE of 3 things:

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Craving for Free Motion Quilting

I am craving to free motion- can you really crave something that you can’t eat? anyway, that’s the word I’m going to use. 🙂

I haven’t been for quite some time, a lot of piecing in the past month after my double wedding ring quilt. It was surely a highly needed break, though. The double wedding ring quilt was quite a work under the free motion quilting foot.

I guess the time has come to do another project with some free motion quilting play.

I already have a quilt to do, but thinking about panels is quite fun too. Today I am sharing with you 3 panels that are fun to work with for practicing free motion quilting skill.

I had a lot of fun with this piece with small areas to change motifs and designs.

three of 3 Tuesday_ Quilt Panel for Free Motion Quilting

3 Panels to work your Free Motion Quilting skills

  1. This panel has been around for quite a while, perfect for practicing feathers! Love this version of the finished quilt. I guess I still love to piece a little bit rather than finishing just the panel. If you’ve never tried quilting feathers, Sign Up for a FREE E-Course HERE>
  2. A lot of potential for the final look of the sky in this panel. This would be perfect for the upcoming season!
  3. If you want to practice just an all-over free motion quilting, this panel would be perfect.

3 Quilty Newsletter to sign up for

Of course, don’t forget to sign up for TLMC fairy newsletter if you haven’t. I send weekly email with fun links, sometimes a tutorial or some weekly motivation.


But here are 3 more that you can subscribe to if you are looking for more fun quilty emails.

  1. Quilt Maker’s List by Melanie, I love her quiet quilts, and she sends a monthly email filled with updates.
  2. Gnome News by Angie, Vibrant fun colours, Angie send a weekly newsletter out to subscribers and she usually have great updates on the quilting’s community and sew-alongs.
  3. The Scrap Basket by Debbie , for a more modern quilt updates.

 3 things I am working on this week

  1. I am going to be basting this week. And trying up homemade spray baste. You can see my update via Instagram.
  2. I just finished listening to this book! Love the ending, so moved and touched. I also love the little interview with the author in the audible version. GREAT read/audible though it is quite an accent to digest for me. But I have grown on that as the book goes on. Heard that it is going to be a film too – so excited for that. [sign up for audible here and get 2 books free]
  3. Will be cutting more pieces for my Blue Quilt. So excited for this as more blocks are made.

What are you up to or grateful for this week?

comment below, I’d love to hear from you.





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