.Welcome to another “Three of 3 on A Tuesday”. I will have THREE things or links of 3 topics for you to visit/read every Tuesday to either showcase tutorials, inspirations, random daily thoughts or it could be any fabric/notion sales running that particular week. So for today, here are the THREE of 3 things:

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3 quilts I want to start making when I saw it. Maybe you’ll feel the same. ūüôā

I know, I already have lots of work in progress at the moment. I have to admit, I am a fast starter but a relax cool and chill finisher (in other words, a slow finisher :P).

Starting a new quilt is always fun. And in my opinion, even if it never reaches the finish line, it should be okay. As long as we had fun with it. A hobby should be fun!

This week as I was browsing the net, these three quilts/ soon to be quilts makes me wanna just go straight to the cutting table and start.

  1. Simple 9 patch with a twist – and made from layer cake! I have always wanted to use my layer cake for a quick project.
  2. I missed this quilt-along at the beginning, but I believe it is never too late to join in, The blocks are looking all fun! Can’t wait to see the mystery layout.
  3. Geese. A whole bunch of bright geese blocks would be a fun quilt. Check out the pattern for a fast 4 at a time goose block.

3 things you can check out

  1. I have been following Emily for quite a while, and it is always awesome to see a quilter/entrepreneur/small business owner reached their milestone and goals. Check out Emily’s new book on modern quilts block by block. What I love about her kind of modern is that they are still the traditional patchwork blocks but in a modern setting. I love traditional patchworks.
  2. My favorite threads are on SALE> HERE>. Rarely they are. I only use Superior Thread So Fine 50Wt for quilting and ever since I have started using that, I’ve never turned back. Love it! This one is perfect for hand-piecing and also included on Sale.
  3. All the fun Halloween Fabrics.

 3 things I am working on this week

  1. Rearranging my sewing room again, the latest arrangement wasn’t working for me, so I rearranged again. Will be sharing it via the newsletter coming this Thursday.
  2. Scrappy Trip Quilt. I am loving cutting the patched strips with the stripology ruler. Will make sure I record it for you, so you can see how it works.
  3. Sewing some fun stuff for the winner of my recent giveaway!!

The winner has been picked. Randomly by the Pick Giveaway Winner Plugin.

And the winner of the $50 Amazon Gift card and a special package from me is:

CONGRATS NICOLA! Will be in contact with you soon.



What are you up to or grateful for this week?

comment below, I’d love to hear from you.





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