It seems like these days I have been starting a lot and not yet finishing.

I did make a resolution not to guilt over any start and take it as my creative route this year. Learn from starting, learn from any projects, and enjoy each stage. Finished or not, that is another story.

A project is to be enjoyed at any given stage, so there’ll be something to ponder and something to learn.

and I love a good start. Usually, they end up being finished, though maybe will take years or maybe not.

Today, I am sharing with you a quilt I started earlier last month joining a quilt-along that runs with it. The quilt-along is your own pace, but since I have so many WIPs in progress, this project is taking its time.

The important thing is I am enjoying every bit of it!

Here is my early fabric pick. I might add more as I go along.

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Block #1

And here is my very first block. I love it to pieces! I love playing with the colour placement and the colliding prints.

Block #2

Here is the second one.

Here are some photo of the in progress.

changing the HST in the corner there will change how the block wil look.

Here is them both together. I think I am going to keep it on the wall and add more as I go.  I put white tacks behind the little pegs. Makes a great block holder!

I am obsessed with these white tacks. They just holds all my mini quilts now since we have a brick wall and the old blue tacks seems to be making a stain on the wall.

Foot Hill Quilt _ Quilt along _ Antique Quilt Replicate

Well, I hope to grow this quilt even more, and someday it’ll be done. I am not putting any pressure to get it done soon – though the inspiration from the feed #foothillqal is keeping me back on the path to finishing it.

What colour sashing should I use?

2 Comments on The start of the FootHills Quilt

  1. It seems we are both in the mood for some HST’s. I just decided on spider legs for my pattern. I love the colors you are working with. I haven’t decided on that yet. But I am in the mood to dive into some scraps. I just hope we both have better luck with finishing our quilts. hahaha

    • Hi Kara,

      Thank you for the comments. I do love playing with colours. I don’t worry as much about finishing anymore these days, I learned to enjoy starting, and the slow projects. Although a finish or two in between would probably keep my family know that I am actually making something right… So, it should be okay to have 1 finish and 10 start. Haha.

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