It has been a while since I last updated my work in progress. But I am doing it today. Not much has been progressing in my sewing room due to the little one and a lot that is going on around at home.

School and work from home seem to be taking over everything these days. 

Anyway, I told you in my previous post that I decided to join in the Sewcialites Sew-Along. Well, I am happy to say that I am still on that bandwagon and keeping up!

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Sewcialites Quilt Along Details:

If you want to join in, you can find the info and suggested fabrics HERE>

For the fabric requirement & coloring page : click HERE>

The quilt along begins 25th September 2020 and ends 25th June 2021! I love a good quilt along. 

Last of 2020: Sewcialite Quilt Block 13

Currently, we are making block 13 and I have been watching Kimberly over at Fat Quarter Shop’s YouTube channel every week as she sews the blocks LIVE. I just get so inspired after watching her make the blocks and simply do enjoy these weekly LIVE sessions. 

I am glad that I am keeping up, cause whenever I sew, I feel a jolt of new energy coming in. Just the therapy I need.

Just like today. I completed block 12 and block 13 and I feel all the energy to write this blog post up. This is why I love sewing and quilting. When you do the things that bring you joy, they bring you more energy, wouldn’t you agree? 

Block 12 (pink) and block 13 (yellow) is right on top in the photo above. 

Anyway, since it is near the end of 2020, there will be a break for the LIVE session. But they will be back in January. In the meantime, you can check out their store and see what’s new and on SALE.

Recently I bought a couple of things from them and yet to share them with you. I am in love with some of the ones I have been using already like this Squared ruler Mini! I promise I’ll share more details on that in my next post. 

creative grid squared ruler mini

As I delve more into this hobby and passion, I am at that stage of adding more notions to my toolbox that make my quilting life much more fun and easy. And the Squared ruler Mini was definitely worth the purchase. Let me know what is your recent favourite purchase?

Current Favourite Notions

These notions have been helping me get more done without having to get up away from my sewing machine:

Since I am also sewing in small pockets of time with the newborn in hand most of the other time, these notions have also kept me organized and keep me in the zone while I sew. 

I am loving these pins! O they are awesome. And yes pinning makes a lot of difference! I must say, after sewing all these blocks I am becoming more of a pinner now.

My Sewcialite quilt blocks update

I have coloured the colouring sheet as I go. Can you see where I am going with it? Keeping it simple and not so colourful this time round. 

I love that I am using my stash and not a new set of fabrics. I really need to use more of my stash, so I can buy more stash. LOL. But that buying hobby is for real! It is so much fun shopping for fabrics. I know you can relate right?

The blocks are coming along nicely and I am happy to see each one coming together as I sew them.

I love a good sampler quilt, I simply get excited sewing one block after the other and learning tons of skills as I go along. Again, the LIVE sessions with Kimberly taught me a ton of things. I can’t recommend you enough. 

Previous sampler quilts on the blog:

Joining the Sewcialites Quilt Along?

If you want to join in, you can find the info and suggested fabrics HERE>

For the fabric requirement & coloring page : click HERE>

Let’s join the fun!! And I am not even pressuring myself to do so. If I can’t get to finish them all or miss few of them, it’s okay. I’ll just try and do what I can!

In the end, I actually enjoy the process and that was the reason I decided to join in.

Well, that is it for this post.

This will probably be the last post for the year 2020, so I do want to wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year.

I am so excited for 2021. Who else is with me?

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