I am currently head over heels with the new tool I bought not so long ago.

I am getting giddy to use it every so often.

You have probably heard the rave about it lately, but if you haven’t, you’ll know soon enough after reading this post.

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Quilting Rulers


Before I go on about the review of my latest favourite tool, let me give a little story on the my ruler stash.

If you are new to quilting or looking to add more ruler stash, you may get more idea on which one to go for.


The Basics

When I first started my quilting hobby, I bought the standard 6 x 12.

And that was all enough – for everything…except rotary cutting backing fabrics. It was tedious to move the little 12″ ruler and to ensure my quilt sandwich is squared with straight edges before binding.

So, the second one I bought was the 6 x 24.

This completes my everything. I feel that these both is necessary to have if you are new to quilting.

Since I was new to quilting at the time, I had not much to invest. Therefore I opted in for a cheaper Sew Easy Australian Brand.

However, I must say that they last quite well with decent pricing, although I do need a replacement for them very soon.

One has a chipped corners and the other was already broken and I just glued it back together, so the edge is not as smooth for cutting. Totally my fault. I was a bit careless with where I put them.


The Extras

A couple of years later, I got another from a dearly quilty friend, the 12 x 12 from her destash.

That was used specifically for squaring up 12″ blocks. But I almost never use it. It is just too small for long cut, yet too large for smaller cuts.

I occasionally use them when I couldn’t find the other ones sometimes buried under piles of work in progress.

6 x 6 quilting ruler

I found another at a flea market. the 6 x 6. This one is particularly useful for smaller cuts and also trimming Half-square triangles (HST). Love, love, love it.

Great bargain and an awesome ruler to have in your ruler stash.

This one is especially useful for trimming little blocks of patchwork to the right size before patching it into larger blocks. Improving accuracy and

I don’t know about you, but I always make my HST bit larger than need then I trim them to the right size. Therefore this ruler has been really helpful to get the HST trimmed.

Otherwise, I use the paper piecing method that I have a tutorial for here. I find that my final blocks goes off too far from the right size if I don’t get the tiny blocks of HST to the exact size.

Quilting Ruler Guide Which one is worth buying

The Fancy ones

Just to note, I am not going to include templates here (which I have a stash of too), as they are not really rulers. Rulers are rather something with measurements on them.

Equilateral Triangle Quilting Ruler

Cutting triangles with the basic quilting ruler is possible, but having this special triangle ruler made it so much easier.

I used this ruler to make this quilt right here.

It went like a breeze. But I only have the 6″ 60 degree triangle quilting ruler which means they are small – and I have to piece a lot of them to make a quilt.

Maybe I’ll invest on a bigger one someday.

I see lots of possibilities with triangle ruler. Just like this quilt and this one.

Triangle Quilting Ruler: Quilting Ruler Guide, The necessity, The extras and the fancy ones


I love hexagons. This ruler is a combination of various shapes like hexagons, triangles and jewel.

There are various patterns that goes with it too, but I have only used them once or twice. Even that – it was for a basic cut. Like here in this tutorial.

Therefore, I am not sure it was a good investment for me. Maybe if I was going to make use of it more, I’d have to buy the too.



Recently, I have invested in the most expensive ruler I have ever bought.

The Stripology Ruler >> click to see the price here.

You don’t think you need it until you try it.

I bought it because I was curious. I was also loving the idea of speeding up the cutting process.

and O boy, it did not disappoint.

I am in love.

I am currently loving it for cutting away my scrap stash into strips and squares.

Fast and eliminate the tedious work and the dreaded feeling I have whenever I need to cut my leftover scraps into common size. (more on scrap organization soon in another post)

Smart Cutting Fabric for patchwork The Stripology Ruler, Include how to cut scraps of fabrics in this blogpost

The ruler is big! but the shipping from wasn’t too bad having it posted all the way from the US to Malaysia. I was very pleased with the shipping.

The ruler has a different flexibility to it. It is very pliable yet hard enough for cutting straight edges. Something special and fancy indeed.

In conclusion: The Price is SO worth it. I recommend having it if you are looking into adding more rulers to your stash.

Not convinced yet?

Watch this video of me showing you How I Cut fabric scraps into 2.5″ strips:

How to quickly cut fabric scraps into strips:




I guess that is it for my ruler stash story.

How about you? Which rulers are in your ruler stash? How many rulers do you own and which one is your current favourite?


Let me know in the comment, I’d love to hear about it.

5 Comments on Quilting Ruler: The Basics, The Extras and The Fancy Ones

  1. You are so correct……once this is purchased it is a “must have”!!!!! I was blessed to win (yes! Win) mine from “Primitive Gatherings” in Manasha,WI,USA. This was a couple of years ago and it is constantly in use!! Great review!!

  2. I have this big ruler and it’s awesome!!! I love it for cutting for quilts but for scraps it’s just perfect!! I’ve had mine for about a year….it’s so worth every penny to me. Love yr video on how you layer up yr scraps and some yardage…I’m so happy you wrote up this review on the Strip ology Ruler!
    Thank you!!

  3. It always is surprising how helpful a good ruler can be; although I am surprised to learn that there are some designed for different purposes. Although I can definitely see how a specialized ruler would be able to help with making quilts. However, I also imagine that any kind of ruler, as long as it can reach the right lengths, would still be able to work.

  4. I am really tempted by the idea of buying this ruler – it sounds fantastic. Mind you, can I justify the spending?? I have such a huge “stash” of rulers – yes, not just stashes of fabric in my house!! I will have to convince myself NOT to buy it! There is one thing about your post that puzzles me a bit. You are tyalking about your “basic” rulers and they all have just the finished size and not the cut size. In other words, you don’t have that extra half inch for the seam allowance – 6.5″ x 6.5″ or 6.5″ x 12.5″ – how do you deal with this?
    Thanks for all your info – it really is so helpful and interesting.

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