Another quilt is completed, and this time I quilted clamshells! This is my first time doing so, and oh boy, I love it. 

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This is a quilt I made last year, following the quilt along, All The Trimmings.

You can find the free patterns for this quilt here>

The fabric line I used for this quilt is Dear Stella’s “Baby, it’s cold outside” 

It was a very fun quilt along and I love the row-by-row sampler. I find it fun to make repeats of the same block in a few different prints and yet keep me excited as it is not just a single block on repeat for the whole quilt.

I get bored quickly and love to make samplers like this.

Christmas Quilt Winter Quilt


Since it was a row-by-row quilt, I thought the horizontal repeat of quilted clamshells would look perfect for this quilt. 

Quilted Clamshells using Quilting Ruler Template

There’s a tutorial on how to do clamshell quilting with a domestic machine using ruler HERE>

Here’s what I used for quilting the clamshell on my home machine:

  • Clamshell Ruler. I love this one. Really sturdy and makes beautiful clamshells in various sizes. It is really easy to use too.
  • I popped on a Pop Socket on the ruler to make it easier for me to handle the ruler while moving the quilt. 

Here’s a quick time-lapse video of me quilting this. 


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I have done ruler quilting before, but I have never done an allover repeat of something like this. It was a pretty quick finish. 

It was a pretty small quilt, but I was surprised that the whole quilting process only took me two sittings. Which is about 20 minutes per sitting.

I was chasing time when it was close to the end, I wanted to get it done at least before my little one woke up that morning.

Surprisingly, I got all the binding done and was taking photos already when she woke up. 

So, she had to be in the photo, it’ll be a great memory for me to come back to these someday. Please excuse the sleepy face.

Overall, I love the finished look. I am definitely going to be trying this motif again in future quilts, maybe next time I’ll layer more for an echoed look. 

Quilted clamshells

As for the backing, the quilted clamshell look great too.

Quilt Labels

I have used one of the labels I have in my stash ready to go. 

The backing was pieced with the leftover fabrics and and the label is pieced in the center. It got quilted together when I quilted the quilt. 


You can make your own custom label easily too, I have had many who told me that they loved that they can now make their own labels after they took Quilt Label Wizard Course. It is a pretty quick course and you can easily get them done in a day. 

Check out Quilt Label Wizard HERE>

Tips for quilting with a ruler?

Well. that’ll be for another post. I have yet to edit the video for that.

So, I’ll be posting another post with tips and things I’ve learned from this quilting with clamshell ruler process, so be on the lookout for that.

Update: There’s a tutorial on how to do clamshell quilting with a domestic machine using ruler HERE>

Till next time, have a lovely quilty week!

2 Comments on Quilted Clamshells

  1. The sleepy little face is simply lovely, and so is the quilt!

    I’m going to get one of those little pod things, it looks to be very helpful.

  2. Pop sockets! What a great idea. I have nerve damage that causes numbness in my hands and have difficulty holding onto smaller rulers. I’m going to try this. Your baby is adorable! It’s crazy how time has passed so quickly.

    Thank you for your blog. I look forward to your emails.

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