I wanted a quick project.

I have a quilt waiting to be quilted. But I think there’s always room for a quick project.

Say procrastination. ūüėõ

Anyway, I have three patchwork blocks which were just a tad bit smaller than the other blocks I made for the Patchwork Barn Quilt I’m making.

patchwork quilt block pouch

I thought I was going to keep it for the quilt back, you know, trying to kind of fit in these blocks at the back like some of the¬†quilt back ideas I’ve mentioned here.

But, I decided that’s not going to happen.

Because I have a new Idea for the patchwork blocks.

I was inspired by on the reader’s email, where she mentioned that she has a box full of gifts ready for gifting.

And I said to myself,

“yup. I wanna grow up to be like her. :P”

True, I really do. I do wish to be more organized that way. Cause I love giving handmade gifts.

Quilt block mistake into a quilted pouch. Practice free motion quilting

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Quick Sewing Project: Quilted Patchwork Block Pouch

Since pouches seem like my favourite quick project,

I decided to make pouches out of these three mistakes (they were three blocks that turned out a little smaller than required).

patchwork quilt block pouch 02

Simply by adding a border to the patchwork block using some left-over jelly rolls from some of Bonnie and Camille‘s Line,

I got myself a large enough piece to work into a pouch that suits the zipper I have in hand too.


Practicing Free Motion Quilting


This little project is a great small project to practice your free motion quilting skill or just to have fun quilting.

I didn’t use a backing fabric for all of this pouch as I make separate linings to the pouch.

For more quick projects to practice free motion quilting, check out this post HERE>.


For this three pouches, I decided to vary the quilting design. 

One with a simple loops design. 

patchwork quilt block pouch 05

One with a sharp pointy design.

patchwork quilt block pouch

Both different in terms of how you flow the quilt under the machine. One with a sway smooth motion, the other with little tugs of pushing and pulling.


The last pouch with just a simple straight line quilting. I do love minimal characteristic of this one too.

patchwork quilt block pouch

Just a little tip sewing with the metal zipper:

If you have a 9″ zipper, you want to make your piece a little larger than that so you can easily sew the sides without much bulk.

Besides, the metal zippers are harder to sew through. So, you want to avoid having to go over them.

patchwork quilt block pouch

Metal zippers do make a lot of difference. If you have never tried them before, I recommend you do.

I fell in love with metal zippers when I started making pouches from THIS CLASS. I made a few with metal zippers, then some with the plastic zippers. Um, let’s just say, whenever possible, I’d go with a metal zipper as my first choice.

You can find some metal zipper similar to this HERE>

I used a 9″ zipper for this pouch.

They add a little more to the simple pouch and makes them look more professionally finished.

patchwork quilt block pouch

I even added a tassel as a zipper pull which I find very cute.

You can find similar zipper tassel pull HERE> 

Other zipper pulls such as or even a handmade key fob (tutorial here) would make it more fun.


Or have you seen any of these cute zipper pulls?? Adorable.


Having put all those together,¬†they turn out just gorgeous and¬†I feel like keeping all three to myself ūüėõ

Pouches are always useful for lots of things.

Keeping makeup together. Organized for a quick travel.

patchwork quilt block pouch

Keeping stationeries together. I do love a good planner pouch. Talk about planner, I am loving my quilter’s planner.

This was a perfect match since some of the fabrics used for the patchwork pouch is also from Bonnie and Camille‘s line.¬†The new 2019 Quilter’s Planner covers are designed by Camille. Check both of the design HERE>

I bought the navy floral one. It suits me who loves floral fabrics and the colour Navy.

patchwork quilt block pouch


Or even to keep English Paper piecing projects together for travels. Talk about EPP projects, this particular project of mine which I previously blogged here and here is taking a slow toll, but it is moving.

Honestly, it is hard to keep up with hand sewing when you have a toddler climbing on you every now and then. :p

patchwork quilt block pouch

Our projects will always be depending on our current phase too.  Would you agree?

Someday, I might be able to hand quilt more, hand stitch more, but for now, being at my machine seems to be the best.


Anyway, this is going to be the first three gifts I’ll put in the box of gifts, if that box ever grows (Let’s hope it will). We’ll see.

I am interested to grow this box of gifts, but I am hoping it grows faster than the gifts coming out of the box. I tend to give a lot more when I have stocks of gifts at home.

Lucky visitors, lucky birthdays.

Cause although with my very best intention to make handmade gifts for all of my friend’s and family’s birthday, they RARELY come true. I thought I have plenty enough time beforehand, but time seems to always be ahead of me. Should really be more organized about that.


How about you? What do you like to make with patchwork blocks that didn’t make the cut?


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5 Comments on Patchwork Block Mistake to Quilted Patchwork Pouch

  1. this was perfect timing for me. i made a pretty block as a one off in a Foundation piecing class recently. i think i will make a bag for my craft and life duary for 2019! that way i fet to see it and enjoy but dont have to start a serious foundation piecing project until some UFOs are done.

  2. Love your newsletters Amira, always packed full of great ideas and useful information!Thanks for always sharing!
    Have a great Holiday and a very Happy New Year 2019!

  3. Hi Amira
    I am interested why you prefer metal zips to plastic. I made a bag for my daughter for Christmas which she loved but the zip (plastic) has already broken. I thought I would be able to attach the zip pull back with minimal unpicking but unfortunately the pull itself is broken which means I have to unpick the whole thing. So far she is not prepared to hand it over! I think she is afraid it will go the way of so many other things she has asked me to fix, i.e. hang around the work room till I have time to get to i, a time that sometimes never seems to come lol

  4. Genius! I also use them (quilted) under lamps and other things that might scratch furniture, folded in thirds for sunglasses, or…I put terry cloth or thick flannel on the back AFTER quilting and make it a really pretty dust rag! I put it on after quilting to avoid an thread knots scratching. You do such beautiful work. Thanks for all the info.

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