I am not the kind of person who has gift wrappers in stock – They often got crinkled up if I kept them too long..LOL..

I have found love with scrappy quilt, scrappy patches.. so today I am going to share you a tutorial for making your own gift wrap out of magazines pages… “the scrappy style”.

DIY gift wrap, recycle magazine, handmade gift wrap
You’ll need transparent tape, Scissors and magazine pages. Choose those ones that have lots of colours, or even themed like Christmas or Fall whatever the season may be. 
1. Cut the first piece according to your preference, possibly remove some texts.
2. Piece two pieces together at one side using the transparent tape. Don’t overlap too much.
3. Trim away the excess. You want new smooth sides.
4. Do a couple of pieces like this. Piecing two pieces together and trimming.
DIY Handamade gift wrapper recycle magazine
5. Then you’ll want to tape together the pieced segments together, making a larger patched piece.
6. Again, trim every time you piece them together, making sure you have all smooth straight sides.
7. Repeat until your wrapper is large enough. You may need to piece three pieces together at one point, just so that it is large enough to cover the sides of the enlarged piece.
8. Trim the final piece and
9. Use it! 
I really do love the merry look of the wrapper. You can even customize it to have images that suits the person who’ll receive it.
Most magazines have pretty decent paper-weight and shine, making it the perfect medium to work with when wrapping too!
Have fun trying it!


9 Comments on Make your own Gift Wrapper – TUTORIAL

  1. I have always discarded my magazines in the recycling bin. Thanks to you, I now have a better use for the (some of) pages and especially with the festive season just around the corner. Well done Amira.

  2. I have always discarded my magazines in the recycling bin. Thanks to you, I now have a better use for the (some of) pages and especially with the festive season just around the corner. Well done Amira.

  3. That ‘s a great idea ,also because you can personalize the wrapping and ist’s complete different from the ones, you buy , Thank you very much and happy Handhabung, Susanne

  4. Just watched your video with Karen Brown. I also love her blog. But I have to tell you that you have inspired me and returned to me my love of quilting! Since I signed up for your free motion quilting boot camp, I have found the confidence to try free motion quilting on a Queen sized quilt for my grand-daughter, which I have almost finished. It is not perfect but I have learned a lot from my mistakes. Like you, I do have several other things that I have done since this summer. I used scrap fabric to make a basket weave back and seat for an old rocking chair & I have started too make rope baskets for various things, all or which I learned to do on You Tube ! But most of all I love the free motion quilting. I have 2 more grand children to make quilts for and then I shall try making scrappy quilts to give to foster children that have no one to care about them. I am 84 years old, so I hope I live long enough to use up all my scraps.!! And my husband just bought me a new Janome machine like yours. I really love it and hope to do a lot more sewing on it!! My old machine was 40 years old and finally died on me so my husband thought I deserved to get a machine I really wanted—-we have been married almost 60 years and he still spoils me a lot!!Sorry this is so long a note but I did want to thank you for helping me find my place back in the sewing world.

  5. How wonderful to hear that Ellen.. I am so happy to hear that you’re back to quilting and you’re so lucky to get a new sewing machine to kick start the love again. Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving the sweetest comment. I wish you a happy fun quilting days ahead of you..

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