I am sharing you today how to make simple Knitting Needle Case / Roll Up.
I got the knitting book yesterday and could not wait to start up, but I had to get my needles a bit sort out first.
I got these needles from an estate sale. I am on a budget, and I am not sure whether knitting is my thing or not, so I guess this would be a great start to see how it goes.

Knitting Needle Thrift Finds

Well, before we go to the how to sew a knitting needle case like this :
well, you may not knit, but it would be a great gift for a friend who knits!

Final Product 2

Final Product

I’d like to thank you Pat Bravo for her lovely designs Indie which makes me ever so motivated to sew this up so quickly and it is just a wonderful material to work with! I fell in love with Art Gallery Fabric ever since I bought a bundle of solid from Moona Fabrics. They were from Pure Elements collection. The solid bundle consist the best colours and the feel of the fabric is just divine. So soft and so easy to work with. Remember the bowls with border placemat I made :

Bowls with borders_grey and blue

The yellow solid was Empire Yellow from the collection. I love the colour so much.

Anyway, here is the tutorial.

Materials Requirements:


* You will need a scrap piece of interfacing too measuring about 3″ X 20″ but this is optional.



For the outer side, you will use two of the fat quarters,
the top part measures 11.5″ x 21″ cut from fat quarter 1.
the bottom part measures 6.0″ x 21″ cut from fat quarter 2.

For the inner side, you will remainder of fat quarter 2 and another fat quarter, labelled here as 3.
From the remainder of fat quarter 2, cut 11″ x 21″
As for fat quarter 3, cut a piece measuring 17″ x 21″

Fat quarter 4 is used for the binding, the top flap for the inner side and the tie ribbon.
Cut carefully as there may be little leftover from this piece.
Cut a 6″ x 20″ piece for the flap.
Cut 4 strips of 2.5″ x 20″ binding strip
And lastly, use the leftover for the tie ribbon. It should be about 18″ x 2″.


1) Patch together the bottom part and the top part of the outer side. Press.

sew outer piece

2) Make an outer-batting-inner sandwiches and place the half-folded piece of fat quarter 2 aligned at the bottom part like in the photo – folded edge is on top.

inner parts aligned

3) Baste all three layers together and draw the quilting line. This will also form the pockets for your needles. I made mine 2″ apart measuring from 1/2 inch away from each sides. The 1/2 inch will be the seam allowance on each sides.

Baste and Draw quilting lines

4) Quilt them with simple straight line.


5) Now lets make the inner side top flap. Fold the 6″ x 20″ in half making it 3″ x 20″ now. Now fold in half again in the other direction making it 3″ x 10″. Slightly cut the raw edge sides of the flap piece at an angle. Unfold back the piece.

Angle cut the top flap

6) Cut an interfacing to fit half of your flap piece. Iron on the interfacing. This is optional. I like mine a bit stiff to hold shape. The main point of the flap is to avoid needles sliding out when we carry the case.

Interfacing on flap

7) Fold back in half and sew the edge and turn it right side round.

Sew flap sides

8) Place it on the top of the inner side and place the snaps or Velcro on the flap and on the quilted part on the inner side.


Snaps 2

9) Place it in place and secure the top edge with pins.

Sanps and Pins side

10) Now lets make the tie ribbon. Iron the piece for the ribbon as in the photo.

folded end of tie


The 18″ x 2″ can be cut into half to make two piece of tie measuring 9″ x 2″.

two piece tie

11) Fold it in half and sew to close the raw edges. As the tie is small, you may have trouble feeding it in the sewing machine. I prefer to put it on a piece of scrap paper as it ease the feeding and avoid tangled mess at the corner.

Sew the tie

12) Pin the tie in place.

pin tie in place

13) Sew all around the edge of the layers and over the tie that was pinned to it.

Sew all three layers along the edges

14) Now lets make the binding. Sew all the strips together. Press seam open.


15) Sew the binding as you would do for your quilts! Then its done!

start binding

Happy Sewing!Any question you can ask in the comment box or email at littlemushroomcap{at}gmail{dot}com.

You are allowed to use this pattern to make for yourself, your friends and family and for small quantity sale not exceeding 200 pieces. I love to see them it if you do make any!

Thank you


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