AccuQuilt is a company that produces die-cutting machines and fabric cutting dies for quilting and other fabric crafts. The AccuQuilt system is designed to make fabric cutting faster, easier, and more accurate. But is it worth it for quilting? and Does it waste more fabrics compared to the conventional method?

In this blog post, I’ll share my experience using my AccuQuilt and we’ll explore the pros and cons of the AccuQuilt system and help you decide whether it’s a good investment for your quilting needs.

I bought my Accuquilt Go! set a few years back where I posted an earlier unboxing video HERE. It costed as much to have it shipped all the way here to Malaysia. However, I decided that it was well worth the investment since I really would like to use it for managing scraps and to cut curves shape templates.

Cutting fabric scraps organize fabric scraps 

In general, here are some of the Pros and Cons of Accuquilt machines:


  1. Speed and Accuracy: AccuQuilt machines and dies are designed to cut fabric quickly and accurately, saving you time and reducing the risk of mistakes. The precision cutting ensures that all your pieces are the same size and shape, which is important for creating a quilt with even seams and a professional finish. I think this is the main reason that makes Accuquilt worth it. I just love that it saves so much time cutting and piecing! and it’s so much fun cutting with the machine too.
  2. Versatility: AccuQuilt machines and dies are versatile and can be used to cut a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, denim, and even leather. The dies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to create intricate designs and patterns. There are so many dies to choose from! and they usually have SALE on overstock items which you can grab dies for up to 70% off. 
  3. Consistency: One of the biggest advantages of the AccuQuilt system is the consistency it provides. With traditional rotary cutting methods, it can be difficult to cut every piece of fabric exactly the same. With AccuQuilt, every piece is cut precisely the same, which can make piecing your quilt top together much easier. 
  4. Easy to Use: AccuQuilt machines are easy to use and require minimal setup. You simply place your fabric on the die, run it through the machine, and you’re done. This makes it an excellent choice for quilters of all skill levels, including beginners.
  5. Light on the wrist and hand. If you struggle with wrist pain when using rotary cutter to cut lots of fabrics, You’ll love this. The electric Cutter is even better. The crank on the Accuquilt Go! is easy to turn and will not be hard on the wrist even after many cuts. But of course, take lots of break in any given tasks. If you have wrist pain, I recommend getting the Accuquilt Go! Big Electric Cutter instead. 


  1. Cost: The biggest downside of the AccuQuilt system is the cost. Is Accuquilt worth it? The machines and dies can be expensive, which can be a significant investment for some quilters. However, many quilters believe that the time and frustration saved by using the AccuQuilt system is worth the investment. I surely feel like it was worth the time to use up my scraps easily, and have all the pieces cut in matters of minutes. And they are perfectly accurate! Plus, I think it is so much fun cutting with the Accuquilt than it is with a rotary cutter.
  2. Limited Die Sizes: While AccuQuilt offers a wide range of dies, the sizes are limited. This can be frustrating if you’re looking to cut larger pieces of fabric or create a quilt with larger blocks. But, they also take in custom orders! Yes they do and they’re adding new dies with time and request. 
  3. Storage: AccuQuilt machines will need some space in your sewing room. It does fold up close but they are pretty heavy. I do love that it is heavy though as it does feel like it is sturdy and very well built.  It is best to have it somewhere where you can easily use it.

Does Accuquilt waste fabrics?

The short answer to that is No. You can waste as much fabrics with rotary cutter too.

I know when I first wanted to purchase the Accuquilt, I had the same question. I thought we had to put a square piece of fabrics in with a certain size, and whatever is cut away from that piece will end up as waste. Well, apparently it is not like that at all. The initial fabric does not have to be a certain size, for as long as it is larger than the shape we are going to cut, it would cut. How much fabric will be wasted or mistakenly cut will really depend on the user. Just as we have to plan when cutting with a rotary cutter, we can also plan how we can minimise fabric wastage when using Accuquilt. 


How to cut with minimal fabric waste

In the video below, I’ll share with you how I cut half square triangles for my current work in progress, The Scrappy Ocean Wave Quilt and how I minimise fabric wastage. I love fabrics, and I want them to go a long way. Quilting fabric is surely not cheap. Not only that I wasted the same amount of fabrics when rotary cutting, I SAVE a LOT of time cutting pieces and trimming. No more trimming the units with these exact cut pieces. So, I definitely feel like the Accuquilt is worth the investment. I am yet to use more of the curvy dies. 



In conclusion, the AccuQuilt system is a great investment for quilters who value speed, accuracy, and consistency. While the cost can be a barrier for some, many quilters including me believe that the time and frustration saved by using the system is worth it. If you’re looking to create intricate designs and patterns, the AccuQuilt system is an excellent choice. However, if you’re looking to cut larger pieces of fabric or create larger blocks, the limited die sizes may be a drawback. Ultimately, the decision of whether to invest in the AccuQuilt system will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

So, is Accuquilt worth it?

If you do a lot of scrap quilt or make lots of quilts with repetitive units, Accuquilt will surely be a great investment. 

Where to buy Accuquilt?

  • Accuquilt Website – they ship internationally using Fed-Ex and you can grab it at SALE price. 
  • Amazon
  • or check with your local quilt store
  • quilt shows – they have road tour all the time, you can also get it there. 

4 Comments on Is Accuquilt worth it? Does it WASTE FABRICS?

  1. I have had one of thee great machines since they first came out. One of the best purchases that I have ever made! I purchased the Go Big several years ago and could not live with out it. Yes, the dies are expensive, but start out by purchasing the shapes you use, especially if you like to make scrap quilts and then go from there! You will not regret purchasing one of these machines.

    • Hi Deb, mine is the 8” cube. I use a lot of 2.5” units (2” finished) which I find really useful. I would recommend getting the block size that you normally would make. Of course wih the 8” cube, I can easily make 16” blocks too but with smaller units.

  2. I love my Accuquilt system. It saves so much time, and I can create all kinds of block sizes with the Qubes. I teach Zoom classes for anyone who discovers me and wants guidance and support with opening those Qubes and using them. I have created a Facebook page for anyone wanting to look over the classes I teach, or for anyone wanting to belong to a supportive community. I can teach how to make a 12″, 16″, 24″ and more block with the 8″ Qube for example and how to get additional block sizes out of other Qubes. We also learn how to convert patterns to Accuquilt. I work hard at giving the ladies courage to use their system. Anything you are willing to do to give me some exposure would be wonderful. Thank you.

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