I made my pillow cover for a swap to my secret partner already! Feeling good that it’s done which ticks of my list of things to do this weekend.

Well, she wanted a brown and blue cushion cover for her living room. I must say, I do not have much of those colour in my stash, but were happy to find that I still have a charm pack of Bold and Beautiful by Michelle D’amor (the same line I used for my Happy Go Lucky Quilt here). So, I decided to play around with some HST.

Prep_HST Pillow

And I did more of these pebble quilting. With some flowers to match the fabric.

HST Pillow quilting 2

the back of the quilting/ Inside the cushion cover

HST Pillow quilting 3

HST Pillow quilting

And I am pleased with the final look. well, my pillow is a bit too big from the standard size..but I hope hers fits perfectly..

HST Pillow for swap

HST Pillow for swap_2

I decided to finish it up with snaps

HST Pillow for swap_3

Hope she like it too!

Are you in any swap group lately? Share me your swap group links if you don’t mind, I’d love to be inspired and love to join if I may..maybe not now (as we will be travelling soon)..but in the future I’d love to be in more swaps..It’s so exciting..

Well, till then, Have fun!

P.S : I am planning to piece my Jack’s tonight..hopefully I’ll get to it..

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