I am a fan of colours and patterns,

well, that does kind of explain the reason why I love fabrics.

Another love of mine is ! Are you a fan too? For those who aren’t familiar with it just yet – washi tapes are those funky colourful patterned tape which has tons of use besides paper crafts.

I have some in collection due to my love of making my planner cute and colourful. But….. that is not what I am going to share with you in this post. In this post,  I am going to be sharing with you how to use washi tape in your sewing room.

but just before that,


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5 ways to use washi tape in your sewing room

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#1 Needle keeper


Sometimes you may need to change the needle of your machine as you change fabric type or sewing various type of fabrics.

As for me, I usually change my needle for my free motion quilting where I only use . For simple patchwork, I just use a .

When I do change needles, I would find myself keeping it back for future use as they usually still have some life to them. So I would normally just place them on my machine with a to simply remind me to use them and to separated them from the unused ones.

5 ways to make use of washi tape in your sewing room

#2 Use it to mark 1/4″ guide on your sewing machine


I am not a big fan of the . The thing is when I need to sew a half square triangles (sewing diagonally) I feel like I need to change the foot as it just won’t work like that for me.

I love using a guide instead which doesn’t really matter whether I have a (I use this when sewing binding on and quilting) or a universal foot, I can still do the 1/4″ seams sewing as I have the guide line to look at.

Plus it’s pretty!

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5 ways to make use of washi tape in your sewing room


#3 Use it as a Ruler marker


Again another guide-line. If you are cutting a lot of strips that are the same size. This guide comes in handy.

Just place it along the size you are going to place you fabric for the cutting and repeat for all the cutting you need to do.

Kind of ease the brain to have to measure twice everytime.


5 ways to make use of washi tape in your sewing room

An example where I am putting a guide to cut 2.5″ strips.

I now use my though if I need to cut many strips. Just love that ruler.

[related: read more here about quilting rulers]

5 ways to make use of washi tape in your sewing room

#4 Thread tidy

Use washi tapes to keep your thread spool from getting tangled. They can keep the end safe and in place.

I like this spool hugger (link here) but using a washi tape can also be great for this purpose.

Applique Aurifil thread, learn 5 ways to use wash tapes in your sewing room

#5 Decorate

The purpose of the washi tape I guess was created to decorate.

I use washi tape to hang my quilt block on the wall and to decorate my sewing machine. They are pretty and easy to remove. If you buy the right ones, they should not leave much stains. They are like masking tape, so they should remove clean.

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5 ways to make use of washi tape in your sewing room

Do you have any other ways you use washi tape in your sewing room? Have you any washi tapes at home?


4 Comments on Sewing room tip : 5 functional ways to use washi tapes

  1. Oh!! I can just get a super cute washi tape to “tattoo” my new machine. 🙂 I’ve done the other tips, except for the not-all-used-up needles – superb idea. Thanks!

    • Hi Patty, The adhesive of washiest tapes usually comes off clean. I have never had one that doesn’t come off clean. They are like masking tape.

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