While I love making large bed quilts, it does take a long time to finish one. This is when I love the easy quick quilt.

And sometimes, I just need the kick of having some finishes to keep me going with those large bed quilts. 

So lately, I have been trying to make a couple of smaller quilts. Something to keep the creative juice going and keep me motivated while simply just having fun in the sewing space. 

I grabbed these charm packs a couple of months ago and I thought I would get straight to using it. 

Fabric I use: Sunday Stroll by Bonnie and Camille.

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get straight to working with the fabric I buy, sometimes it’ll take a long while before I get to it. 

Charm pack is one of my favorite precut for quilting projects. Check out some of the cute Charm Packs here>>

Easy Quick Quilt: Charm Pack Friendly Quilt

When I got the Book Quilt Bee by Bonnie and Camille, I knew I wanted to make some quilts using the patterns in the book. One of them is The Good Life Quilt. 

It was an easy fun half square triangles quilt. 

It was pretty fast to piece but I made sure I trimmed each one of my HSTs. I think that is key to keeping this project as neat as possible. 


I shared the flimsy finish in my June Progress Video HERE, but I have just got around to quilting it this month.

I do have a couple more tips on the blog that you may want to check for accurate piecing and Half Square Triangles. 

Do you trim your HSTs?

it is quite a chore, but I must say, it is so worth it. 

trimming half square triangles

Quilting Tools and Notions I used that help to make it faster and easier:

I laid it all out before piecing it all in rows. I love the colour variation for each corners and the center. 

small quilt charm pack quilt easy baby quilt easy quick quilt


I love quilting this piece. I chose a swirly leaves design for this one. This design is very forgiving, easy to fill in spaces here and there with little swirls. 

You can watch me quilt in the Instagram Reels below. 


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This is going to be used as a centerpiece on a table. But I may also put a corner sleeve if I ever want to hang it.

free motion quilting on a domestic machine


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quilted table topper

Love easy quick quilts, but don’t know what to do with them?

How else can you use a small quilt? Let me know if you have more ideas! Here are some ideas:

Ideas on how to use Small Quilts (30″ below)

  • Table Topper
  • Wallhanging
  • Mat for playing, mat for folding clothes
  • Covering Small Appliances
  • Decorating Sofas (headrest cover)

quilted table topper easy quick quilt

Labeling the quilt

Since I already have ready-to-use quilt labels made with the Quilt Label Wizard Ready-to-use Template, it was easy to just iron it on. I use Heat n Bond lite on the back of the labels, and simply iron it on the backing. This was done before quilting, so the label is quilted too. 

In the Book, Quilt Bee by Bonnie and Camille, there’s also a cross-stitch pattern. I’m planning to make a matching cross-stitch of the same block design too. 

I haven’t progressed much, but I am loving that I’m starting to stitch again. 

Well, I guess that is it for a little update in my sewing space. 

Tell me, do you like making small quilts, or do you only make bed-size quilts?


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  1. I have gone to making smaller quilts, table-toppers, candle-mats, etc. I just cannot handle a large size quilt any more. I am so happy there are smaller sizes and they can be used for many things and take less time, plus they make wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and this lovely table-topper.

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