Since I posted the start of this sampler quilt, I haven’t updated here on the blog about the progress. However, I have been actively updating most blocks on Instagram. Mostly because that is where everything is happening instantly and the sew-along is going on there with the hashtag #communitysampler. 

I was saving the blogpost for bigger milestones. And today, is the one of those. I am sharing with you the final look of the quilt top!

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Here is a photo I took of the progress:

As I mentioned earlier in the first post :  I love that the instruction of the sew-along were meant for trimming. I never seem to get the correct HST or Flying Geese Size if the first cut was to the exact size. I love trimming it back to the correct size after piecing.

Here is  a photo I took when I completed all the blocks. Since it was laid out on the white floor, I had a sense of idea that I didn’t want the background to be as white and solid.

So, I rummage through what I have in my stash and so happy to find another of Art Gallery Fabric :  Houndstooth from Blithe Collection by Katarina Rocella. Here is one on sale but in different colour way. Great for backing I would say.

The fabrics of the blocks were also all from Art Gallery Fabrics: which were mostly from the Bloom Fusion Collection and Maureen Cracknell’s Garden Dreamer.


Community Sampler Quilt

Once the background were pieced, I started making flying geese for the border. There were 56 Flying Geese and every single one were trimmed to size. It was somehow therapeutic and I love the repeating action – there are so many repeating actions  in making patchwork quilts, and that I think there is a lot fun in that.

I audition fabrics for the final border, I was quite torn between the two fabrics I had below, but I went with the darker colours. I love the contrast it has against the quilt and framed it well.

The fabric for the border again is from Art Gallery Fabrics that was in my stash. Both of the fabric border in the photo below are Tule meadow by Leah Duncan

Here is the final look of the quilt top.

I am pretty happy with the choice and layout. It is such a pretty floral quilt. I can’t wait to quilt it and use this!

Community Sampler Quilt

Tested putting it on the bed, not a bad size. It doesn’t falls enough on the side of the bed, but I don’t really mind, I usually just have quilts laid out on the bed for extra layers. Well, I am going to be off quilting this.

I may finish this one before my earlier quilt-along last year which was the Sewcial Bee Sampler, but that one is coming to finish very soon too! That one had a little more blocks than this one.

Did you join the quilt along? How is yours turning out? I hope you did enjoy making yours too!

If you didn’t join real live time, you can always join at any time, currently it is available for FREE over at Sharon’s Site. Both Sharon and Maureen have been kind enough to create beautiful instruction and hosted this quilt-along.

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    • Thank you Susan, I was surprised how well it look together too. And I am so glad there was enough of fabrics cause I was just trying to use up from my stash. Thank you for your visit here Susan!

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