I am new in this field of quilting as I never had a chance to do much quilting in Malaysia. We do not use quilt very much with the hot tropical weather. However, since I am now here in Australia, I thought I might take this time to make sure I make some quilt and pick up some new skills as well.

I decided to the buy the lowest price of the computerized machine Janome had when I got here in Australia. I got this machine for only $399… but I had to invest more $ on the darning foot and walking foot. I got the computerized one just because I wanted something a little higher than the basic sewing machine.

Little Man Quilt Simplify Book Baby Quilt



Square Maze Free Motion Quilting Design

I machine quilt this with a bright green/yellow thread just so that it stands out at the plain black top and bottom border. I use Janome open toe darning foot and find that it is a bit more difficult doing this “square maze pattern” than the standard stippling, but it’s worth it.

I made this quilt for my LO’s first Birthday.

The quilt pattern is Little Man, from Camille’s book : Simplify. It suits my little boy so much – he turns one when I got this quilt done!

Simple Baby Quilt _ Boys _ Animal prints

I am planning to do all of the quilts in that book! Well that might take forever as I probably will have a forever list of quilts to make! There are so many fun and simple projects in the book.

Well, till then

Happy browsing!

Amira Ameruddin


3 Comments on A baby quilt using 5 fat quarters

  1. Quilt yang cantik… quilting pun cantik… macam tak percaya it’s your first quilt.. akak punya fist quilt jahit lurus on the ditch jer.. hehehehe.. sampai sekarang tak berani buat free motion.. 🙂

  2. Your quilting is fantastic. It certainly appears to be that of an accomplished free motion quilter. Congratulations on a job well done.

  3. I loved the baby quilt, and seeing your son , how precious! You do amazing work quiltimg the square maze . It looks extremely hard to do, but I know you have been free motioning quilts for awhile now. They all look fantastic

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