Another baby clothes memory quilt is done, this time for a girl. I don’t usually take commission quilts, but sometimes I do, just to challenge myself and hopefully to help others cherish their kid’s baby phase memory.

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It took a while as I worked on several projects at a time. This was not my usual colour palette too, and it was a little challenging when working with something that is a little different than what I usually prefer to.

Quilting Tools and Notions I used:

Stabilizing T-shirt materials with fusible interfacing

As with all T-shirt Quilt, the step that takes the most time is the prepping of the shirt materials with a stabilizer.

I first cut the clothes roughly, iron the interfacing on and then cut them into a usable size.

I tried to use each piece of clothing as much as possible, even the little pieces. This takes a long time but it was worth it as it provides the ability to spread the colours across the quilt evenly. 

Adding in textures to baby clothes memory quilt

Since babies don’t just have shirts, we can add in textures by adding in mittens, hats or socks into the quilt. I simply appliqued them on. I also made sure some part of the clothing like ruffles and zippers remains in the block cuts to give a little more texture to the quilt. 

baby clothes memory quilt

As for the backing, I appliqued a gauze cloth which was provided with the baby clothes quilt. It was custom printed with the girl’s name and made a perfect backing feature. 

cricut for quilting

I also appliqued the name at the front, cutting the words using Cricut. I am always amazed at how precise Cricut can cut these features. I need to find more projects to use my Cricut machine for sure. 

Maybe a full applique quilt someday!

baby clothes memory quilt with customized name

Quilting Loopy Hearts

I quilted the quilt with loopy heart which was super fun to do. I also think that it was perfect for the quilt. Definitely one of my favourite free motion quilting design. 

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