Here is my last post for the About A Quilt Sampler! This quilt uses the ‘Quilt-As-You-Go’ technique.Thank you for keeping up with me, it was a lovely journey of documenting this QAL.

If you happen to land here first, I have archived all of the posts HERE so you can go through all the tutorials for each block and quilting tutorials included in this quilt-along.

We are now at a stage where we can piece all the blocks together and finally bind the quilt!

Joining Quilt As You Go Tutorial How to join quilt as you go block
Tutorial on how to join quilt-as-you-go blocks:

For piecing all nine blocks together, you will need to cut from your background fabric:

6 pieces of 12.5″ x 1″ strips
6 pieces of 12.5″ x 1.5″ strips

Joining quilt as you go blocks into rows

For each joint, you need one of each strip

Cutting strips

Fold the wider strip in half lengthwise and press.

Cutting strips - folding 2

The folded strip will be put at the back of the block, while the narrow unfolded strip will be sewn to the front of the block. Pin and sew all three layers together, the 1″ strip, the quilted block and the 1.5″ folded strip like the photo below.

pins before stitching three layers3

Joining Quilt As You Go Tutorial How to join quilt as you go block

pins before stitching three layers2

Sew a quarter inch from the raw edges and press the front strip

prees front layers3

now, align the other raw edge of the front side strip to the other block side as the photo below

attaching block together

pin and sew a 1/4″ seam

attaching block together2

now the front side is done. press.

Joining Quilt As You Go Tutorial How to join quilt as you go block

as for the back, fold and press the folded strip and pin down

Press back

blind stitch the folded edge to the quilt. This is a similar stitch we use to complete the final part of a quilt binding.

Slip stitch the back

Joining quilt-as-you-go block rows into a quilt

Joining Quilt As You Go Tutorial How to join quilt as you go block

As for the rows, the method is exactly the same as the blocks, except this time, it is with rows of blocks, so make sure you get those vertical strips (strips that joined your blocks together) to match and pin well before you sew.

strips of rows

Once pinned, go ahead and sew 1/4″ seams through all the three layers. Finally, blind stitch the row’s joint as you did for the blocks and you are ready to bind!

pin before slip slitching


For binding, I used 2.5″ strips folded in the middle. I sew from the top side and flip it to the backing and again sew to place using a blind stitch.

About A Quilt Sampler_Tutorial On littlemushroomcap_back of quilt

Free motion quilting_About A Sampler Quilt_Littlemushroomcap blog

About A Quilt Sampler_fmq
I really appreciate those following the QAL! Thank you, you are my inspiration!!! Hope you had fun quilting along with me!

Quilty HUGS!


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how to join quilt as you go blocks how to join quilt as you go blocks
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  1. I have made several quilt as you go. I do all of my quilting. Quilt as you go makes it easy to carry your quilt where ever you go.

  2. I’m new to all of this. I really like to idea of quilting as you go, but what exactly is the blind stitch you’re talking about?

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