A new year has come,

and while it is always great to plan for a new year, new projects, it is great to start with winding down, reflecting and looking back  at what have we achieved in 2018 before really diving down what is planned for 2019. 

I personally love reflection session. In the last few years, I have been reflecting more often than once a year especially in specific goals and other parts of life. And it has been amazing keeping me on track.

With quilting, I don’t necessarily go through a deep reflection, as it is only a craft I enjoy doing which happens to make me happy when I do it.

So, I don’t really want it to be stressing out too much when I don’t accomplish a certain thing or complete a certain project. 

Personally, I hate due dates. I seem to run away from due dates, and they often freeze me up rather than get me going. Especially when it is quilting and creative related thing.

But I do believe that some due dates and target are good. Especially when I have bigger goals with this blog. So, I do need to find that balance.

Besides, it is always good to purge and get things done out of the sewing room. I often look around the sewing room, organize and get things sorted just to make sure, my creative zone is not lost. 

have a virtual sewing retreat in your own space.


No-Guilt to starting new projects

Last year, I started many projects without worrying too much whether I’ll finish it. And although I do still need to work on that “no-guilt feeling” of starting a new project, I am pretty happy with what I have been working on in 2018, completed or not.

This year 2019 I am planning to continue that, as I really love the idea of just purely immersing myself into the creative zone, learning stuff (especially on Bluprint) and sometimes just to enjoy making a block or two instead of a whole quilt.

Next time I do a block or two, I can just simply having hung up on the wall. No finishing necessary.

[I had fun making 2 block from foot hill quilt HERE>, I may continue a few more blocks, maybe not. No guilt. They are on my sewing wall, and I love them the way they are for now]

If I do feel the itch to finish things up, just for fun-not out of guilt, maybe I can turn these blocks into a small project like these pouch I made recently. [related post HERE>]

patchwork quilt block pouch


In saying that, having things completed is always a great joy and something to really be proud of. So here goes, some of my finishes in 2018:

Quilty Finishes of 2018


Double Wedding Ring Quilt : Full Finish Post HERE>

My biggest project this year was the double wedding ring quilt. The quilting began from the year 2017, then I stalled for very long before picking it up again sometimes in February. And that stall DID come with guilt though. I know I shouldn’t feel so, but I said, I am still working on that no-guilt feeling.

I love the quilt, and the quilting was mostly fun. There was time, I did regret a little that I was being too ambitious at first to have each blocks quilted differently. In the end, I surrendered and just repeated some of my favourite designs. It was done, and that was far more important at the time.

I learned that if my creativity was going to stress me out, then I should not be pushing too much. I am at the moment just taking this as a hobby, releasing stresses of our daily life. At the time, having my quilt completed was going to bring me more joy than having to think too much and complicate stuff.

It is sometimes hard for me to simplify, but I do try to when things get way complicated.

Community Sampler Quilt: Full Finish Post HERE>

I loved this one, the sew along was fun. I love working with all Art Gallery Fabrics for this one. It screams me with all the bright colours and florals.

Wish Upon A Star Quilt: Full Finish Post HERE>

This one was one on the list of my UFOs last year, and I am happy that I’ve not only manage to make a progress on this one, but also to finish it. I enjoyed quilting this one, and I am glad I went with the Navy background.

Lucky Star Quilt more photos on the blog

Animal House Baby Quilt, Full Post HERE>

It was a gift for a new baby my friend just had at the time and as usual, I left it to the last minute to get it done. Not that I want to, but times seems to fly.

This one was started and completed in a few days.

This is one of the reason I am grateful that I can quilt on my own domestic machine, it is totally worth learning to do so, as you can have more control of the finish. Not to mention save a little bit of money.

If you want to learn free motion quilting with your sewing machine, I have a free Email Course you can take right HERE>

baby quilt Animal house free motion quilting fun quilting!

Scrappy Heart Quilt, Full Post HERE>

I love heart shapes. This one was done with a pattern too. You can find the pattern HERE and make one too.

Used a lot of scraps. It was a lot of fun and I just love the look of little scraps mixed together.

If you love paper piecing, you can try this Pattern.

scrappy Pillow heart foundation paper piecing template pattern include video tutorial

Well, I guess that is it for the wrap of 2018. May this year be as great or even better for all of us!

Thank you for your support !!

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  1. I love your perspective on the no-stress quilting process. I joined Pat Sloan’s camping quilt-along, and moved through the blocks at a steady pace until the last three…then job stress and overtime derailed my progress, I still haven’t finished the final three blocks. At first, I felt so guilty (why? Neither Pat Sloan nor the quilt police were knocking on the door…it was totally self-imposed criticism on my part!), but then I realized, it will finish when it finishes. I love looking at each finished quilt and revisiting the positive memories of the process. Stress due to unrealistic completion deadlines should not be part of the process.
    (However, I would like to finish my present baby quilt project before my friend’s wee one starts walking!)

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