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  1. Yes, I have several projects going at once. I told my sister that alot of us quilters were like that. It made me feel better about myself. She did not see it the same way.She is alot more focused than I am. Maybe there should be two of me. One to start projects and another to finish them. Love this site. Thank you for letting me rattle.

  2. Hi!! I just wanted to take time to say “Thanks” for the free printables for the hexies and related items!! I’ve been searching online for awhile now, and finally found you on Pinterest. I appreciate the freebie templates so I can make my own paper pieces. The store-bought kind are very nice, but too expensive!! It may take some time to cut these apart, but it’s much better than having to buy them! Thanks so much!!!

  3. Hi, I have joined but the password I got said it was invalid. Bummer. Can you help me out? Thanks so much

  4. Good day, Amira Saryati Ameruddin!
    My name is Alexandra, I live in Russia. I’m obsessed with passion for patchwork and quilting with you.
    I have a website where I collect interesting ideas and tutorials about quilting around the world so that as many women start sewing and quilting.

    I liked your post “English Paper Piecing Hot Quilting Trend”. Can I use it (translated into Russian) and your pictures with a link to your blog?
    Thank you!
    Have a good day!


    • Hi Alexandra,
      I asked for the owner of all that photo to publish it on my blog. I guess you would have to do the same too if you want to publish that as they are not my original photos. I only compiled them. It would be innapropriate for me to just pass them. Thanks for asking first!

  5. Hello, Amira,

    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I LOVE your blog and your newsletter. You offer a lot of information, ideas, and creativity, and it’s exciting to read and follow the links you provide.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to your reading your newsletter each week – whether you send it earlier or later in the week!

  6. Hi, I sent you an email but I don’t know if could get through it because there was no notification whether the email was sent.
    So, I copy paste the message here.
    Thank you very much.


    My name is Lusi from blog beyourselfwoman.

    I wrote an article about storing fabric scraps in my blog and using one of your article in https://www.thelittlemushroomcap.com as the reference.
    I love how detail your article is.

    My article has been published just now.
    Here is the link if want to check it out.

    Thank you for such a great reference.
    I look forward to see more great posts at your blog.


  7. I’ve tried to join your free video class on freemotion feather and to get the free template. But as of yet I have not received anything in my email. Please check and advise. Thank you so much.

    Linda Perez

  8. I went to sing up for the Free Motion Quilting class, and it tells me I already have it. However I don’t find a login for it and I cannot find a password for it. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT? Thank you in advance…

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