Are you interested in making your own craft blog?

Here I list some of the resources I use for my own blog. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to ask me. I love helping others to create their own blogs too.

There are affiliate links in this page. Please find my full disclosure here.

Website Hosting

While there are many free platform for blogging, getting a self-hosted blog is the best way to go and grow.

I use Bluehost to host this website and really recommend this to all new bloggers. They are affordable, easy to use and simple installation. I use wordpress which is so simple to install in Bluehost.

You can start your own blog for as low as $2.65-3.95 a month and it is so well worth it.

While there are so many webhost out there, I personally believe that the start does not have to be complicated. What matters most is that you focus on building the content of your blog and worry less about the other things like spending too much time choosing and researching on webhost. I chose bluehost and just started. I still use them and have had no problems.

Though if I do, they are helplines and I have resolved many things with bluehost helpline.

So just start. Sign up and go create your blog!



Email List Marketing Service

I am using mailerlite and have loved it ever since I converted to it. I highly recommend it to all bloggers as this will allow you to automate all the emails to new subscribers, freeing up more time for you to create awesome contents. Apart from that, it also allows you to be more engaged with your readers/ subscribers allowing them to be in a sequence of emails which will benefit them the most.

I am all in when it is about helping my readers. The email sequence can be set to auto and can be easily managed using mailerlite. It requires a bit of learning at the front end, but I promise it is user-friendly.

Mailerlite also have lots of templates which are easy to use. Simply drag and drop. I love this feature. There are also great landing pages such as the one I use for my Library Sign-up.

Plus ++++ Mailerlite is free for the those with  less than 1000 subscribers and it is affordable for 1000++ with only $10 a month.

Totally something that is worth an investment.

Sign up using this link and you will get $20 credit free to your mailerlite account. 


Pinterest Manager

I don’t have much time to be pinning all day, so I use Tailwind to manage my pinterest to pin what I choose to pin all day long. I only take half an hour or so to set it each week.

It has been driving me steady traffic to the blog ever since I used it.

If you want to try Tailwind, here is a link you can use to get $15 credit in your account.